We receive a large amount of lost property requests every month.  The majority of these are from people that have left
items unattended, with little recollection of where the item was left.  In these circumstances it's increasingly difficult
to track them down.  Please ensure that you do not leave any items unattended.

Email lost@pulsecardiff.comgiving us a description of the item (colour,size, brand) and
where you last remember seeing it.

Whilst we make every effort to ensure items are returned to their owner, we cannot guarantee that we can respond
instantly, so in urgent cases we advise you to visit the venue direct.

We are not able to respond to any posts relating to lost property in public on our social media channels.

If you have left an item in the cloakroom, this must be retrieved with your key token on a night when the club is open:

Wednesday: 11pm-4am
Friday: 11pm-5am
Saturday: 11pm-5am

All items left in the cloakroom should be retrieved on the same night they are deposited and we cannot accept
responsibility for any damage or loss.

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